Thursday, 2 July 2015

victory over terrorism

Any unlawful act or violent act for gaining power or political interest is called terrorism

In the recent scenario Pakistan has to face a very difficult phase in in terms of terrorism and non-state actors which made nations in a vulnerable stage.basically this disease was started from 1979 when strategies were made to kick out Russia from Afghanistan but the problem got severe in 9/11 and now its a menace for our motherland.

This has largely affected the roots of economy, on the other side it had also a very threatening effect on the socio political, ethical and moral norms of the nation. 
Its due to the ongoing proxy war of different countries, which are being fought in our ground for the sake of power and influence. Intelligence agencies of other countries especially RAW is  trying to destabilize Pakistan specially in Quetta and pashtun areas. Pakistani army has numerous proves and witnesses that RAW agents were financing and supplying weapons to the TTP, which is also proved by the statement of Indian prime minister modi in which he talked about conducting operations in Pakistani territory.In Karachi recent operation held by rangers in Karachi and the operation Zarb-e-azb by army from the last year due to which killings in Karachi has registered a considerable decline by more than 50% in first six months of the year following operation of law enforcement agencies(LEAs). this is a big achievement for LEAs.

Now the time has come and every on has to stand up in his level and do the right thing and play his role to eradicate the growing menace of terrorism.  these are the main points which can play vital role in capacity building and development of our motherland those are religious leaders, good governance, social society, professionals because altogether we can eliminate this. and government should also do reforms and giving awareness  in every level  and security agencies system should be upgraded and fully equipped LEAs, so that they would respond accurately whenever its time to stand.and time is not far when Pakistan will rise as a united and strong nation in the world map.